Notification of Pricing Changes

From October 1, 2023, treatment prices for Ryo (Owner) are as follows:

60 minutes 12,000 yen
90 minutes 17,000 yen
120 minutes 22,000 yen

Treatments prices for Kaito are as follows:

60 minutes 10,000 yen
90 minutes 15,000 yen
120 minutes 20,000 yen

If you book on the basis that you are indifferent to which of the above therapists performs your massage, the charge will follow Kaito's price list not Ryo's.

If you are using a prepaid card and still have some balance remaining, you can use the prepaid card at the old price before the change. You will not be charged the new prices until you update your card balance. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Advantages of Waho-An Nature Tokyo


World-class traditional Japanese massage


The only bricks-and-mortar Wa-herb shop in Tokyo


Reliable treatment by nationally qualified therapists


Received certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for 5 consecutive years


More than 2,500 overseas guests visit the shop annually 


Lessons available on how to provide traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage



We provide both Shiatsu massage and Wa-herbs

-Drawing on a wealth of Japanese traditional medicine "Waho"-

What exactly is Japanese traditional medicine "Waho" and what is its place in the modern world?

Japanese traditional medicine known as "Waho," has supported the health and life of Japanese people from ancient times. Making the best use of natural herbs easily sourced in Japan, Waho has been linked to the Japanese religions of Shinto and Shugendo, and has been handed down over generations. Waho is a form of medicine quite distinct from "modern medicine" and "Chinese medicine." Waho is based on natural remedies and has contributed to the longevity and health of Japanese people. It is an ancient Japanese treasure filled with the wisdom and experience of our ancestors.

What are the features of our "Waho-An Treatment"?

At "Waho-An Nature Tokyo" we draw on the two unique Japanese therapies, "Shiatsu massage" and "Wa herb," to maximize vitality and healing power.

① Japan's unique "shiastu massage"
The Waho-An Shiatsu Massage is an excellent therapeutic massage based on Japan’s world renown shiatsu techniques, and has been verified by modern medicine and researched from both anatomical and acupuncture perspectives. In addition, our practitioners have a wealth of treatment experience.

② "Wa-herbs" based on the spirit of "Shindofuji"
"Shindofuji" is a term that contains concept that there is an “indivisibility of the body and the land (because the body is made from food and food is made from the land). A simple rendering of the term Shindofuji could be “you are what you eat.” Japanese herbs, suited to a Japanese environment—soil and climate—have a long history and are gentle on our bodies and exhibit excellent effects.

About measures to prevent infection of COVID-19 at our salon.








Introduction of massage lessons

Waho School

Take advantage of courses to learn our therapeutic and relaxation techniques!

We provide lessons to teach the Shiatsu massage techniques that we use in our Body Care Course.
Massage is a great technique that can be performed easily, anytime and anywhere, as long as our hands are free.
You will be able to use the massage techniques you learn to heal your friends, family, lovers, and or significant others.
You can heal, solve problems related to stress, and much more.
Massage can express your love and vitality.
Learning massage and gaining experience in massage techniques through our courses will definitely enrich your relationships and your ability to communicate.

Introduction to Wa-herbs

Japanese herbs

Our Wa-herb Shop
As we are the only bricks-and-mortar Wa-herb  shop in Tokyo, you can actually come in and use your senses to touch and smell the herbs. You can enjoy the aroma, and even sample the tea!